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Marketing Agency

SaltzMedia is your one-stop-shop for getting your business, band, or brand off the ground with digital media & marketing fundamentals in just a few steps.

Our Services

We have resources in-house and plenty of reliable partners to help achieve your project or organization’s goals.

Photo / Video

Whether you need new headshots or team/band/org group photos, we’ve got you covered. We can also help with design & photoshop jobs, promo video shooting, editing, and production.

SEO Help

We have expertise in Search Engine Optimization and would be happy to help bring your site up to code & drive more “Organic” visitors to your site for better quality visitors.

Web Development

Let’s bring your site into 2018 with a fresh perspective and the latest practices in User Experience. We can do an entire reconstruction or help with re-thinking new or existing content.

Bringing Brands
Back to Life

We’ve seen it all, from 4-page band sites made in 1997 to expansive 120k+ page retail websites with millions of monthly visitors. Let us diagnose your site or social profiles and see how we can help.

From the ground up

We’ll meet you in the middle — wherever your business is at.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes — from the one-man-show and the mom & pop shop, to the enterprise global retailer and Fortune 500 tech company. Every stage of managing a business has its challenges with marketing, media production & management.

We are here to help.

Proven Process.

We’ve been through the motions. Let us know where you stand with your business and we’ll tailor the scoping & analysis process to suit your needs for the stage of business and marketing in front of you.

Your project is a priority. Whether you’re in need of a photoshoot, new product video, a high quality illustration, a website refresh, or an event flyer, we can take care of you.

Project Scope
We’ll have a quick callĀ  or start a Google Doc to kick things off
Next, we will lay out expectations and get into creative direction

There will be some back & forth on design, location, props, or wireframes.

We’ll be working hard to get it done once things are in motion.

Let’s Work Together

We’re excited to see what opportunities lie ahead!

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